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Friendly Whales NFT Club

The Friendly Whales NFT Club is a genesis art collection of 5,555 original profile picture NFTs that are curated from the random distribution of over 200+ hand-drawn traits. 

Under the hood, Friendly Whales NFT Club is a virtual innovation lab. That means that we’re experimenting with different ideas for the next generation of NFTs.

Some the areas that we’re actively exploring are:  

  • Lending and renting NFTs
  • NFT whisky and other “phygitals” 
  • Micro-dao NFT transactions

As a holder, you will have opportunities to participate in experiments and see how ideas develop from concept to design and testing.


What do you get?

You get an original piece of art and access to an emerging community of NFT and art enthusiasts. We are constantly exploring different ideas and perks that interest the community of Friendly Whales.


The 5555 collection is designed from over 200 traits with trading and scarcity in mind.


Make friends, shoot the breeze or have a virtual drink with friends in the conceptualized Blue Boot Saloon.


We'll reserve a portion of the revenue to continue to benefit the community through various perks and experiences.


Early supporters and holders alike have a chance to win a Cyber Kongz NFT at the 50% sold out milestone.

Admit one


There is no presale. The public whitelist is now closed.

For members who are on the whitelist if you purchase an NFT in the first 555 mints, you will be airdropped you an additional NFT upon verification of your purchase. 

Mint date: March 3, 3PM UTC
Price: .055 ETH
Supply: 5555 NFTs

Find our listings soon on rarity.sniper and rarity.tools



We have a simple ambition. To innovate in the NFT space with like-minded people. 

We have two phases in the roadmap, the first phase includes the sale of the Friendly Whales NFT, the primary purpose of this NFT is the artwork and community.

Phase two includes a second generation NFT that members will have early access to. 

We’re planning continued innovation and development of 3 different product ideas based on the concept of an NFT library – where members can borrow, lease or rent a variety of different types of NFTs.

Being part of the Friendly Whales community will get you early access, and other perks to the concept design, development and launch of the NFT library product.

Phase 1: Friendly Whales NFT Club – Genesis NFT milestones

  • 25% sold out – NFT giveaways to white listers
  • 50% sold out – 1 Cyber Kongz NFT Giveaway
  • 100% sold out –  NFT lending on a limited scale and other perks.

Phase 2:  Roadmap for future development

  • Generation 2 NFT development


Project history

The Friendly Whales NFT Club started off as an experimental  generative art project at its core.

Over the last few months, the NFT space has changed dramatically and collector expectations have changed too. Friendly Whales NFT Club is a generative art project at its core, but with an innovation and growth mind-set we adjust our course as ambition explore new ideas. 

Why Friendly Whales?

“Friendly Whales” refers to crypto enthusiasts with a long-term vision of the future.  In essence, Friendly Whales are crypto futurists with an appetite for innovation and disruption.  

We see the potential impact that NFTs can have on the world. We’ve come together as a community to secure our spot in the metaverse with this ideal in mind.

The Whale Lore

In 2011, a new species of Whales mutated from the radioactive waters near Fukushima, Japan.

The whales were optimistic about the future and had an appetite for disruption. They were best described as Friendly Whales.

In their free time, the Friendly Whales would gather in a well-stocked Japanese whiskey bar under the sea called the Blue Boot Saloon.

The Blue Boot Saloon is home to a Diamond Beaked Macaw – rumored to have escaped from a now ‘DED AF’ blue booted whaler whose mounted skull greets the whales upon entry.

It is here where the Friendly Whales would listen to classic rock on the jukebox and talk about the wonders of crypto-art , NFTs, and other wonderous things. They are called the Friendly Whales NFT Club.


About the artist

Meet Russ aka NFP!

Russ aka NFP is a multi-hyphenate creative digital researcher, concept designer, developer and artist. He’s worked with major international consumer brands in various capacities and he currently leads a chapter of designers and researchers testing new service, product and business ideas at a 110B + innovation lab. 

Russell’s mission in NFTs and web 3.0. is just starting. Friendly Whales NFT Club is an experimental project , but underneath it’s a web3 innovation lab with big things in mind.

Join Friendly Whales NFT Club, for a long view journey into the metaverse. It’s going to be great!

Have a question for us about the Friendly Whales NFT Club?

Join our Discord Channel and drop us a line. We're happy to help!


Frequently Asked Questions

We are not having a presale. Early supporters who are on the whitelist will receive additional benefits upon purchase.

You can buy as many NFTs as you like, but there will be a limit of 10 per transaction to keep things fair and technically reliable. 

Yes! Friendly Whales is a community-driven project. We need your help! Join us on Discord to let us know how you can help us grow this community! 

The Blue Boot Saloon is a members-only channel on Discord where Friendly Whales gather to talk-shop! 

Yes. The metadata and images will be hosted on IPFS! s an added value to holders, We've deployed a additional measures to protect the metadata from rarity snipers. Even after the NFT reveal, the rarity of traits will not be available until after the NFT is minted.

Metadata of non-minted NFTs will be protected indefinitely until the collection is sold out.

After the collections sells out, all of the metadata will be transferred to IPFS at which time we will work with Rarity.tools to offically release ranking.

Our goal is to ensure that all of the NFTs are awesome. Some traits and items will be technically rarer than others but the ultimate factor will be with the community to determine what is valuable and what isn't.  

Before you purchase a Friendly Whales NFT, please read the terms and conditions of sale.